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BAND price predictions

Are you searching for BAND price predictions to make your investing decision on BAND Protocol?

If yes, then read the article till the end so that you will get to know all about BAND protocol.

You are already aware that there are several decentralized and centralized protocols, which have created the requirement for bridging the gap between them for rapid transactions, ease of network, extensive connections, and latency. Band Protocol has served to build this bridge by eliminating the requirement of any middlemen while fostering reliability and security.

But, at the end of the second quarter of the previous year, 2022, the whole market went down a spiral that includes the Band Protocol or BAND. 

In our post today, we will discuss the token’s past price actions. The analysis will offer us a greater insight into future price predictions with the fundamentals underlying it and whether it is a great investment for the portfolio in the long run.

Band Protocol Overview

BAND price predictions
Project nameBand Protocol
Ticker SymbolBAND
Based onOracle Decentralized Blockchain
USD Price$ 1.62
Price Change (1 H)0.47 %
Price Change (24 H)-1.87 %
Price Change (7 D)14.29 %
Marketcap$ 85,398,915
24h Volume$ 19,595,991
Total Supply129,302,157

What is Band Protocol (BAND)?

BAND price predictions

Band Protocol was created way back in 2017 to create a bridge between the traditional web and the blockchain by offering real-world statistical data to the decentralized network.

It is operated by an ambitious team led by an experienced software developer, a consultant acting as CEO Soravis Srinawakoon and a CTO, who Sorawit Suriyakarn serves.

The protocol serves as a platform for the dApps or decentralized applications leveraging their smart contract data points to gain accessibility to external solutions.

It presents a solution for blockchain oracles that is highly inaccessible to real-world data on this chain. It is a deterrent to the expansion of applications and the DeFi ecosystem within this blockchain as a whole due to their uses under this closed system.

Band Protocol starts eliminating the requirement for middlemen with the issues related to the data security and scalability during the connection that relies on the native blockchain launched on the blockchain of Ethereum however is currently operating with the Cosmos-developed Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol or IBC.

The security system in this protocol is allowed through the dPoS or the Delegated consensus mechanism.

BAND is the governance and native token for the protocol granting the holders the right to data offered in the network and the decision-making process. The token was launched in September 2019 on Binance through the IEO or Initial Exchange Offering, where the selected people participated.

The value of the BAND token is deflationary, which does not intend to encourage the protocol users to stake their tokens and get rewarded through it. They are even using it to lend and other transactional services, with dApps accessing the data points through the data aggregator under this decentralized network.

Band Protocol (BAND) Fundamental Analysis

The project has made several associations since its inception, with the full launch in 2019 with companies like Alphain Ventures, SeaX, Binance, Sequoia Capital, and many others. The following are the main events that have propelled the development and growth.

The Band protocol was relaunched on the Cosmos network to ease the speed that was never achieved on the ERC mainnet towards the middle of 2020.

Additionally, Band Protocol launched its Bandchain public mainnet on the ATOM or Cosmos ecosystem to allow cross-chain integrations in June 2020.

Band Protocol became the first company blockchain, joining the OpenApi initiative with an event aiming at developing software that connects the applications on the blockchain with massive companies like eBay, Google, IBM, and Microsoft in December 2020.

Band Protocol launched the BandChain V2 in July 2021. The version grants the users with the data providers the freedom to run the nodes on themselves instead of relying on middlemen.

Band Protocol (BAND) Current Price

Band Protocol at the current time is worth $1.62. The past 24 hours have moved to 0.78% with a trading volume of $10,862,594. Band Protocol, in recent times, is ranking at 198 amongst the other cryptos, with the market capitalization touching $77,612,446.

We can easily start determining the price patterns for the Band Protocol by deciding whether it is going to have a bearish or a bullish year with the use of the relative strength index or RSI, Williams fractal or fractal, moving weighted average or MWA, and the moving average convergence divergence or MACD.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Predictions

BAND price predictions

Due to the market stage, our expert review of this token is guided by uncertainties. Therefore it has a greater potential for the other downtrend, which is high like any other cryptocurrency.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2023

According to a few people, Band Protocol is one of the most astonishing cryptocurrencies to rise this year. The price forecast for BAND for 2023 will start to anticipate the distinctive rise in the year’s second half, possibly reaching $2.43.

The rise is generally gradual, like any other cryptocurrencies; however, there are no expected significant drops. The average price of $2.27 is highly ambitious; however, it is feasible through anticipated collaborations and better advancements offered. BAND is expected to have the lowest value of $1.94.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2024

Band Protocol or BAND price prediction will have greater space for expansion in 2024. As an outcome of the potential announcement of the various initiatives and partnerships, it is anticipated that the BAND price will exceed $4.05.

But, we should be patient to check if the relative strength index of BAND comes right out of the oversold zone before placing every bullish bet. BAND will start trading with the lower trading price of $3.24 and the average price for the trading of $3.56, considering the market’s volatility.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2025

If his upward trend continues till 2025, it can reach $5.67, where BAND might profit. The goal can hardly get met if the market is experiencing a decline. BAND is expected to get traded at the lowest price of $4.86 and the average price of $5.19 in 2025.

Band Protocol is expected to reach between $4.26 and $5.08 reported in December 2025, while the average price of BAND stays around $4.41 in December.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2026

If Band Protocol is successfully boosting market sentiment among crypto enthusiasts, the price for the BAND coin will stay stable for the coming five years.

BAND will stay green in 2026, as noted in our forecast. It is expected to reach and exceed its all-time high this year. The virtual currency is worth $7.29 in 2026, with the average price at $6.81 and $6.48

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2027

We would estimate that the BAND price is expected at crossing the average price level of $8.43 by 2027 with the minimum price, which is expected to reach $8.10 before the end of this year after extensive technical analysis and forecasting. Additionally, BAND has a greater price value of $8.91.

Band Protocol is expected to reach the minimum price value of $9.05 as of December 2028. The price for BAND would start reaching the maximum price value of $10.96 with the average price which sticks to $9.31.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2028

We expect the bullish trend to continue bringing the average price to around $10.05 due to the future associations expected to take place by 2028. We can check out the maximum price of $10.53 that fails to gather the right backing BAND would need by 2028, resulting in a greater low of $9.72 if BAND breaks the resistance level in 2028.

Band Protocol is forecasted to reach its lowest price of $13.59, as noted in December 2028. The BAND price will reach the maximum price of $15.98, with the average price expected to stay around $14.06.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2029

The bullish trend from the earlier year is expected to continue while BAND strives towards interoperability between the networks to hasten their interactions. Therefore, the minimum trading price is placed at $11.34 with the yearly price, which is close to above $12.15 in 2029.

BAND Protocol is expected to reach the average price for BAND in December, which would stay around $21.03, which is expected to reach between $20.47 and $23.88 in December 2029.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2030

Band Protocol finally exceeds its previous ATH values, recording new price levels by 2030. The average price of this protocol reaches $13.29, with the minimum price reaching $12.96 and potentially high at $13.77.

The price for Band Protocol is forecasted to be around the minimum value of $30.10 in December 2030. The price value for Band Protocol reached the maximum value of $36.35, with the average value of trading marked at $31.16.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2031

The crypto market is highly volatile, one of the several reasons why price forecasts are such a complex task. We are trying our best to forecast future price points with greater accuracy, but every prediction should never take as financial advice on where you should perform your research.

We expect a cryptocurrency to be adopted across different sectors in 2031. The maximum BAND price in 2031 is projected at $15.88 in the event of a Bull Run, with an average price of $15.23.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2040

It is never easy for the long-term price forecasts where we shall start calculating through the recent performances. According to the Band Protocol price forecast, the prices for Band Protocol hit new ATH levels. We might expect the average price to reach $169.56 as it depends on the market trend.

Our greater price prediction for the Band Coin in 2040 is $175.28. The Band Protocol might surge greater than the Band Coin forecast in 2040 if the market gets bullish. The minimum price level gets around $153.89 whenever the market gets bearish.

Band Protocol (BAND) Price Prediction 2050

Band Protocol has greater potential if you get holding it for the long term. The year 2050 will end with an average price of $324.72, while the minimum price value of the Band Protocol stays around $292.31. Along with Band Protocol, several cryptos hit their new all-time high this year after such a long time.

The maximum price is expected to start trading around $341.93. If more investors get attracted to the Band Protocol project in between these years, Band Coin’s prices will hit higher in 2050 with the price forecast.

Is Band Protocol a good investment?

As per the recent spike in Prices, Band Protocol has proved that it can surprise investors with massive returns. Band Protocol is one of the growing Web3 projects, and Cryptos with real use cases can be strong by nature. 

Per our price analysis, the long-term investment in Band Protocol appears to be a good option.

As noted through the recent price spike, Band Protocol has proved that it astonishes investors with greater returns. Band Protocol is considered one of the growing Web3 Projects and cryptos with real use cases that are quite strong. 

Based on the price analysis, the long-term investment in Band Protocol appears to be the best option.

Although the Band Coin Prices appear bullish, the Band Coin and other cryptos are highly volatile, which changed the direction of the price this time. With Band Protocol as the ideal choice, it is more likely to make riskier investments if you are a smart investor. 

Cryptos these days are not just highly beneficial assets but the riskiest too. Therefore, before making any investment decision, you should start performing appropriate management of risks.

Can Band Protocol reach $100?

Several crypto traders are extremely curious about whether the Band Protocol hits $100 or not, as the Band Protocol gets massively pumped in recent years. 

Based on our long-term Band Protocol predictions, Band Coin easily hits $100 between 2030 and 2035. Band Coin is the ideal digital asset with real used cases; nothing is impossible in this crypto market.

As we have witnessed in the past, there is a massive bull run or even a bear rally thrashing every price prediction. If there are, greater investors alluded to the Band Coin project with the Band Protocol price skyrocketing, and it hits $100 before the forecast of the Band Coin price. A few listings on the premium exchanges increase the value of Band Protocol.

How to Buy BAND coin on Binance?

If you are a Binance user then this piece of information will surely help you in knowing how to buy BAND token on Binance. Just follow the steps accordingly to buy BAND token on Binance:

Step 1

BAND price predictions

Open your Binance app on your smartphone.

Step 2

BAND price predictions

Click on the search bar and type ‘BAND’ and click on your preferred trading pair.

BAND price predictions

Step 3

BAND price predictions

A dashboard will appear where you will get the options of BUY as well as Sell in the right down end.

Step 4

BAND price predictions

Click on the ‘BUY’ and then select the amount of tokens you want to buy

Step 5

Finally click on ‘Buy BAND’ button to complete the buying process of BAND tokens. 

How to Sell BAND coin on Binance?

If you are wondering how to sell BAND tokens on Binance Just follow these steps and you be able to sell you BAND tokens easily:

Step 1

BAND price predictions

Open your Binance app on your smartphone.

Step 2

BAND price predictions

Click on the search bar and type ‘BAND’ and click on your preferred trading pair.

BAND price predictions

Step 3

BAND price predictions

A dashboard will appear where you will get the options of BUY as well as Sell in the right down end.

Step 4

BAND price predictions

Click on the ‘Sell’ and then select the amount of tokens you want to sell.

Step 5

Finally click on ‘Sell BAND’ button to complete the selling process of BAND tokens.

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Some of the most frequently asked questions on BAND protocol are as follows:

How does Band Protocol work?

Band Protocol works by allowing smart contracts to query data from off-chain sources, such as APIs or data feeds, through a network of decentralized oracles. These oracles are incentivized to provide accurate and timely data by staking their own tokens.

What are the benefits of using Band Protocol?

There are several benefits of using Band Protocol, including increased security and reliability, as well as the ability to access a wide range of off-chain data sources. Additionally, because the network is decentralized, it is resistant to censorship and single points of failure.

What kind of data can be accessed through Band Protocol?

Band Protocol can be used to access a wide range of off-chain data, including prices for assets such as stocks, crypto, commodities, and currencies, as well as data from APIs and other external sources.

How is data accuracy ensured in Band Protocol?

Data accuracy is ensured in Band Protocol through a combination of staking and reputation systems. Oracles are incentivized to provide accurate data by staking their own tokens, and their reputation is also taken into account when selecting oracles to respond to data requests.

How does Band Protocol differ from other oracle networks?

Band Protocol differs from other oracle networks in several ways, including its focus on providing a decentralized and censorship-resistant network, as well as its ability to access a wide range of off-chain data sources.

What are the use cases for Band Protocol?

Band Protocol can be used for a variety of use cases, including decentralized finance (DeFi) applications such as lending, stablecoins, and prediction markets, as well as other decentralized applications (dApps) that require access to off-chain data.


Band Protocol is extremely unstoppable as they have established a massive association with varied crypto projects and gained greater consistency in the market cap volume. The bank recently aimed at the provider feed on the reliable price data for the DeFi and the oracle, where users create their dApps. Still, the price data fetches from different crypto platforms.

Predictions are never uniform on the real price of the tokens due to several factors that affect it, like partnerships, government regulations, new advancements on the blockchain, or legal systems, as noted through our price predictions and forecasts. Doing such due diligence before investing is expected to become the watchword.

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