Binance is Listing Arbitrum

Ahead of this week’s ARB token claim event, derivative markets for Arbitrum have already opened up for traders.

Developers of Arbitrum recently announced that they will be airdropping ARB to community members on March 23 based on their prior network activity, marking the platform’s transition into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

 ARB holders will be able to vote on key decisions for Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks that facilitate faster and cheaper transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

On the crypto exchange Hotbit, an IOU token for ARB is currently trading at $9.74 in Asian afternoon hours on Monday. Futures trading platform BitMEX has also introduced its own ARB token futures product, offering traders a leverage of up to 20x.

While these products are speculative as of now, they may be used for hedging or gaining exposure to ARB prices after the tokens are officially issued.

binance is listing arbitrum

Recently after the announcement of BitMEX exchange of the listing of ARB token the World’s largest exchange Binance have also announced the listing of Arbitrum (ARB)

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