Crypto ATM got Hacked in US

Crypto ATM got Hacked in US

Crypto automated teller machine (ATM) operators in the US were forced to temporarily shut down following a security breach that enabled a hacker to remotely access General Bytes’ master service interface and liquidate $1.5 million worth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The breach, which occurred on March 17 and 18, allowed the attacker to upload their own Java application using the interface and access the database, read and decrypt API keys, download usernames, and turn off 2FA.

The hacker also sent funds from hot wallets and exchanges. General Bytes has advised all customers to take immediate action to protect their funds and personal information and is transitioning crypto ATM operators to self-hosted servers.

The company is discontinuing its cloud service and has disclosed the addresses and IP addresses used in the attack.

This is not the first time General Bytes has experienced issues, with a security flaw. It also recorded a security flaw on 18th August 2022.

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