How to Activate SIM Card for Smartwatch in 2022 (Simple Steps)

how to activate sim card for smartwatch

In this article, you will get to know how to activate SIM card for smartwatch in 2022. The entire methods are explained in very simple steps so go through it to get to know full details.

Smartwatches have evolved a lot from day one of its launch. Day by day new models are being launched by different brands.

The newly launched smartwatches even support advanced features such as calling which makes use of SIM card in the smartwatch.

For making a call in the smartwatch first you have to know how to activate a sim card for a smartwatch which seems to be very easy but if you do not have proper knowledge then it will stand as an obstacle.

Things To Be Considered Before Activating SIM Card In A Smartwatch

Before activating a SIM Card in your Smartwatch make sure that you have the following stuff ready

SIM Card

Before buying a SIM card for a smartwatch just check the compatibility of the size of the sim card in your smartwatch. Normally SIM card comes in 3 sizes which are Large, Micro, and Nano out of which Nano is the ideal size for a smartwatch.


At the time of activating a SIM card in your smartwatch make sure that your smartwatch is charged so that you will not face any problem while the activation process as such task consumes/drains more battery.

Power off

Do not just start inserting a sim card in the smartwatch by not even turning the smartwatch off. Some people make such mistakes by thinking that it will not affect the smartwatch but keep in mind that the smartwatch is not as much powerful as your smartphone. It may adversely affect your smartwatch as well as lead to the damage of your smartwatch.

Device Linking Application

To connect your smartwatch with your phone first you have to download the ‘Device Linking Application’ which should be compatible with both the devices i.e. your smartwatch as well the smartphone with which you are trying to connect your smartwatch.

Full Guide To Know How To Activate SIM Card For smartwatch?

how to activate sim card for smartwatch

Smartwatch Era has just started. The popularity of smartwatches is increasing day by day where new generations are becoming familiar with it. To learn the entire process of how to activate SIM card of a smartwatch just make sure you follow these very simple steps:

Step 1

The first step in the process of activating the sim card in your smartwatch is to check whether your smartwatch has sufficient charge so that you will not face any problems during the entire process of activating the sim in your smartwatch.

Step 2

how to activate sim card for smartwatch

Here starts the actual process of activating the sim card in a smartwatch. Turn off your smartwatch before inserting a sim card in your smartwatch.

Step 3

how to activate sim card for smartwatch

After turning off your smartwatch open the sim slot of your smartwatch which normally have to be opened by removing 2 screws from the back/side of your smartwatch. If the sim slot is at the side of the smartwatch then remove the rubber/plastic at the side of the smartwatch to access the sim slot.

Step 4

how to activate sim card for smartwatch

After opening the sim slot insert the sim card and make sure that the golden part of the sim card is in contact with the sim slot.

Step 5

Once Sim card is positioned accurately close the sim panel. Now lets start activating the sim card for smartwatch.

Step 6

Contact your service provider and they will give you esim link. Copy the link provided by the service provider.

Step 7

Now open the linked application on your smartphone and paste the copied link there which will lead you to the terms and conditions page where you will have to agree to their given terms and conditions to proceed to the next step.

Step 8

You will now be given a Six digit OTP number which you will have to copy.

Step 9

Paste the six-digit OTP provided to you and here you go your sim card will get activated and now you can freely use your sim card on the smartwatch.

Step 11

Turn on your smartwatch and if your sim card is still not working in your smartwatch then just restart your smartwatch by turning it off and on again and your sim card should work properly this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions asked by smartwatch users related to the activation of SIM card in the smartwatch. Some of the most common questions are stood as below:

Can I use a micro sim card in a smartwatch?

Some smartwatches may support micro sim cards but if we talk of it in general then smartwatches usually support nano sim cards. 
More precisely it depends on the model of the smartwatch you are using to support the micro sim card or not.

Do I need to power off my smartwatch while inserting the sim card?

Smartwatches are not so strong as smartphones so it is far better to turn off your smartwatch while inserting sim card in it rather than trying to insert your sim card in the running condition.

Is there any tools required to open the sim panel of my smartwatch?

The requirement of tools depends on the type of sim panel your smartwatch has. If your smartwatch has rubber or plastic sim panel given at the side of your smartwatch then you will not require any tools to open your sim panel.

But if your smartwatch has the sim panel on the back side then most probably you will require a screwdriver to open the screws of the sim panel of your smartwatch.

How long does it take to activate a sim card in a smartwatch?

It does not take much time to activate sim card in your smartwatch. If you are an experienced user or you have knowledge of activating a sim card in a smartwatch then you can do that in a couple of minutes.


We hope that we have solved your question ‘how to activate sim card for smartwatch’. Some selective smartwatches may have different methods of activating a sim card but almost 98% smartwatches sim activation process are same.

If you have any queries related to the activation of sim in the smartwatch then do let us know by commenting in the comment section.

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