How to set Wallpaper in Smartwatch – Simple Steps

how to set wallpaper in smartwatch

Are you fed up with old wallpaper in your smartwatch and looking for methods of how to set wallpaper in smartwatch? If yes, take a break, in this article we will explain the most effective method of setting wallpaper in smartwatch. 

Luckily, it’s usually simple to change the wallpaper on your Smartwatch. This is a typical feature that you may use to give your gadget a unique personality and make it seem more like your own. Similar to how individuals alter the wallpaper on their phones, it is also often done. Here is a simple breakdown of how to accomplish it:

Steps of How to set Wallpaper in Smartwatch

how to set wallpaper in smartwatch

The following steps will allow you to set wallpaper in your smartwatch. Just follow the steps carefully you will be able to change your smartwatch wallpaper

  • Activate your Smartwatch
  • Link your Smartwatch and phone via Bluetooth.
  • Use your smartphone to access the settings for your Smartwatch.
  • Choose your wallpaper by searching for “Watchface”.
  • Attend for the synchronizing to complete.
  • Enjoy the new background on your Smartwatch.

Now let us take a in-depth look at the steps mentioned above so that we will be know how to set wallpaper in smartwatch

Activate your Smartwatch

Of course, opening your Smartwatch and getting acquainted with your new gadget comes first. This will allow you to get familiar with all its features and capabilities. Additionally, doing so would allow you to discover all of its restrictions and avoid future confusion.

Additionally, being familiar with your wearable device’s ins and outs should make it easier to use all of its capabilities and enjoy them to the fullest.In this situation, you may discover whether you can alter your Smartwatch’s wallpaper by becoming acquainted with and researching your gadget. You may also find if you can download your watch face in place of a pre-built wallpaper, a camera-taken image, or both. 

Some versions support 3D wallpapers, which give your watch look a ton of flair. In conclusion, looking through the photographs on your Smartwatch should offer you some ideas for wallpaper. So, spin the dial to learn what your new gadget is capable of.

Link your smartwatch and phone via Bluetooth

how to set wallpaper in smartwatch

The next step is using Bluetooth to link your Smartwatch and phone. This is the typical scenario if your Smartwatch is missing its SIM card and depends on a smartphone connection for additional features. Start by waking up your Smartwatch and heading to the menu to do this. Click “settings” from there, then seek at the Bluetooth button. 

Upon finding it, just switch it on. Next, launch the “FitCloudPro” app on your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth. Your smartphone should then be able to identify your wearable device and send you a pairing request from there. When it asks whether you want to receive alerts, click “pair” and “allow.”

Once completed, you ought to be able to operate your Smartwatch from your phone and even the other way around. It may also be used for different tasks, including playing music, keeping track of your daily activities, or even making phone calls. But in this instance, we’ll be modifying your watch face using it.

Use your smartphone to access the settings for your Smartwatch

how to set wallpaper in smartwatch

Now that your watch and phone are connected, you ought to be able to operate the former with the latter. Because of this, you may alter its settings using your phone.

To do this, open the smartwatch app on your phone, where you may essentially modify all of the settings. This “Wearfit Pro” program allows you to simply identify your Smartwatch and change its settings.

Using your phone should make it simple for you to access your watch’s settings. If not, try synchronizing it once again.

Choose your wallpaper by searching for “watch face”

how to set wallpaper in smartwatch

The next step is to search for the “watch face” button once you have accessed the settings on your phone. On your phone, it ought to be simple to locate. Choose “device” from the second tab on the FitCloudPro app’s home screen.

After selecting “watch face,” you will be presented with two choices:

  • Choose from the watch faces that are offered: FitCloudPro offers a variety of watch faces that you may choose from to personalize your watch. Selecting a watch face should be enjoyable since each is unique and has its flair. You may also download different watch faces from the internet as an alternative. But after you’ve made your selection from the available watch faces, just click “set as watch face.”
  • Pick a picture to serve as your new watch face: Use a picture you shot as an alternative to the watch faces if you don’t like the ones that are already accessible. Simply choose the first choice in the watch face category, then select the “+” button to do this. The app will then ask whether you want to snap a new picture or utilize an existing one. The camera will open to allow you to snap a photo if you wish to. However, you may choose any image from your gallery if you utilise one already there. After making your choice, just make the necessary adjustments to the item’s size, location, and style before selecting “set as a watch face.”

Await the completion of the synchronization

how to set wallpaper in smartwatch

The next step is to wait for the devices to sync after selecting your desired watch face (whether it’s a default one or a picture you shot). Your phone should display “synchronizing” along with a little progress bar while this occurs, and the watch should display “updating” on its own. The synchronizing ought to be complete within a short while.

Enjoy the new wallpaper on your Smartwatch

Your new watch face should appear when you start your Smartwatch by touching the screen or pressing the sidewheel after synchronization. This will serve as your new watch face wallpaper until you decide to alter it.

Make sure to experiment with various images and designs to create one-of-a-kind watch faces that you are sure to like while also giving your Smartwatch a fresh look each time.

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Can I change the screen on the Smartwatch?

You may customize the watch’s home screen information to fit your preferences. There are several faces to choose from, each with its qualities and uses for the wrist!

How do I turn on my Smartwatch without the power button?

Use the charger that came with your watch to connect it wirelessly, so you don’t have to wait while you press buttons for it to come on! It simply only a few seconds to complete.


Can we see photos on the Smartwatch?

Only the photos shot with your phone’s built-in camera are preserved in the gallery. The watch will only display the content available in this specific album and cannot access them from any other location.


You now know how to change the background and style of your watch face. These crucial actions ought to be usually simple to carry out and will offer you a decent notion of what you can accomplish with your Smartwatch if you want to personalize and enhance it. Additionally, it ought to make your watch and how it connects to your phone more familiar.

In general, changing the wallpaper of your Smartwatch to something you like is a terrific and simple way to customize your gadget and make it seem more like yours. Additionally, it’s a fantastic feature, particularly for those who switch to utilizing their Smartwatch as their primary device. Fortunately, doing so is simple and uncomplicated, and the actions on this list provide you with various possibilities you can choose and implement whenever you want.

We have covered all the possible solutions regarding the setting of wallpaper in smartwatch. Still if you have any questions on how to set wallpaper in smartwatch let us know by commenting in the comment section.

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