Radisson Hotel Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments at Georgian Branch in Partnership with Binance Pay and CityPay

Radisson Hotel Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

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Radisson Hotel, a well-known global hotel group, has announced that it will begin accepting shiba inu (SHIB), bitcoin (BTC), and ethereum (ETH) for reservations at its Georgian branch.

The move comes in the wake of Elon Musk’s recent Twitter logo change to DOGE, which has reignited interest in meme tokens. Crypto users can now settle their hotel bills with SHIB, BTC, and ETH through Binance Pay, and the news was shared by Binance’s official Twitter account.

This partnership was made possible by the recent collaboration between Binance and CityPay, a payment service provider that offers a range of payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. CityPay expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, echoing Binance’s announcement.

The impact of this partnership goes beyond Radisson Hotel’s walls. Over 600 merchant stores in Georgia that use CityPay’s integration will also accept Shiba Inu and other supported digital assets, setting the stage for greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the region.

This widespread adoption could inspire other businesses to follow suit. Binance added a Georgian hub to its map in March, and Binance Pay has been forging partnerships to enable payments in SHIB and its 70+ supported assets since November.

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