Uniswap Launches Governance Portal ‘Uniswap Agora’ to Connect Community Members with Value-Aligned Delegates

Uniswap Launches Governance Portal 'Uniswap Agora' to Connect Community Members with Value-Aligned Delegates

Crypto News: Uniswap Launches Governance Portal ‘Uniswap Agora’ to Connect Community Members with Value-Aligned Delegates

Uniswap, the decentralized exchange platform, has launched a new governance portal called Uniswap Agora. The portal, created by the Agora team, enables community members to connect with delegates who share their values, providing a way for Uniswap to remain sustainable by encouraging active participation of value-aligned delegates.

Uniswap Agora allows delegates to create profiles that highlight their opinions and perspectives, giving users an opportunity to find and align with like-minded delegates.

According to Devin Walsh, Executive Director at Uniswap Foundation, finding delegates that are aligned with your values and issues is nearly impossible today. Uniswap Agora aims to reduce friction in the delegation process by providing a platform for delegate information. The community is being prompted to refresh their delegate profiles and delegation over the next few weeks.

To encourage participation, Uniswap is hosting a delegate race over the next four weeks. The race asks new and existing delegates to create profiles on Agora, allowing users to identify which delegates best represent their values.

The first phase of the race, which involves profile creation, will last until May 12. The second phase, where participants choose new delegates or delegation, will run from May 13 to May 26.

Uniswap Agora is a significant step forward in making delegate data easily accessible and providing a consistent way for users to learn about individual delegates.

With the launch of this portal, Uniswap is expected to see a surge in user engagement and participation, making it a key player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

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