Hyper NFT Review – Who is Hyper NFT?

Hyper NFT

Are you curious about Hyper NFT and want to know whether HyperNFT is scam or legit as well as who is Hyper NFT owner?

If yes, then just take a break. In this article, you will get to know all about Hyper NFT so read the article till the end so that you will not miss any important information on Hyper NFT.

What is Hyper NFT?

Hyper NFT

Hyper NFT is metaverse based gaming project started by a group of supercars collectors. The main aim of their entering the digital space is to provide their audience an opportunity to grab digital assets of the luxury car sector.

Through the licensed NFT from some of the world’s largest hypercar manufacturers, Hyper NFT will provide an opportunity to collect some of the most unique hypercars digital assets (NFT)  created ever.

These NFTs will be eligible to be used in the metaverse and it will bridge the physical and digital collectible assets to the real world by offering “money can’t buy” real-world experiences for their collectors.

Moreover, Hyper NFT collectors will have the opportunity to visit supercar workshops, showrooms, motor events, road shows, private parties, and real driving experiences.

If you are a supercar lover then this NFT may come of great use to you as Hyper NFT collectors will have the chance to go to hypercar showrooms, attend various events, road shows, meet hypercar industry icons, or even ride a hypercar.

Who is Hyper NFT Founder / Who is Hyper NFT Owner?

Hyper NFT

Hyper NFT is a Gaming based metaverse project which was started by Thomas Gavache. This project was started in 2021.

This Gaming project will run on blockchain and it aims to bring supercars or hypercars to the metaverse.

Recently in the blockchain gaming sector, the R-01 model of Hyper NFT was sold near about $100’000.

The HyperNFT Experience and Benefits

Hyper NFT

If you are Hypercar NFT holder you can have opportunity of the following benefits:

1. Ride hypercar: If you are Hyper NFT holder than you can have a chance to ride a real hypercar

2. Visit hypercar factories: You can visit hypercar factories if you own the digital asset

3. Access hypercar museum: You can access a member’s only 30,000 sqft hypercar museum.

4. Meet industry icons: By owning the Hyper NFT you can have a chance to meet the hypercar industry icons.

5. Experience hyper-cars: Experience hyper-cars in their element on track or on closed roads.

6. Walk amongst, sit in, and have photos ops with the hypercars of your dreams.

7. Collect unique one-of-a-kind hypercar digital collectibles to be used in the

8. Collect hypercar merchandise to showcase your membership in an exclusive

Events of Hyper NFT

Hyper NFT

Here are some of the major events of hypercars NFTs.

1. Formula Drift:

Follow the 2022 drifting season to see Team Karnage shred tires in the HyperNFT Viper. You can purchase the tickets for this NFT on the official website.

2. Monterey car week:

Monterey Car Week is the best week of the year! Come visit us and take a look at what this week has to offer. This event is scheduled for 21 August 2022. You can book the tickets once they will be available.

3. Hyper NFT Speed Fest:

40+ hypercars, a race track, and a highway. Where else in the world will you ever see these cars push world-record speeds? Hyper NFT’s Speed Fest, that’s where. You can book the tickets once they will be available. This event is scheduled for November 2022.

4. Hyper NFT Museum:

When digital meets reality, our state-of-the-art museum will provide members-only access to one of the largest private collections of Hyper Cars.

Hyper NFT Social Links

Below are the links to some social profiles of Hyper NFT. Just go through it if required explore it too:









Hyper NFT is Scam or Legit

Hyper NFT is a blockchain-based gaming project that has a lot of potential in the coming future as it works on metaverse too. Hyper NFT is legit as it has a very strong team of developers backing it who are continuously bringing new features and adding them.

Already a model of Hyper NFT was sold at $100’000 and hope it will have a lot of extra add-on features along with the price incrementation in near future.

What are NFΛST Hypercars

Hyper NFT

NFΛST hypercars are the most precious collection ever created by the Hyper NFT team. These hypercars come with digital ownership along with the integration of the REVV racing game based on the blockchain technology of the metaverse.

What will be the future of NFΛST hypercars?

Thomas Gavache shared his views in an interview with NFTEvening about the future of NFΛST.  His statement was “I think NFΛST has a role to play on both sides, as a way for their owners to affirm their digital identities but also to live new experiences. Collectors can enjoy looking at their hypercar in HD. However, they can also race and earn with it, or show it to their friends, thanks to augmented reality!”

If we talk of the future of NFΛST hypercars in general then we can say that its future is bright as more and more investors are jumping in and the developers are also busy in bringing new updates along with new features.

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Some of the frequently asked questions on Hyper NFT are:

Can I sell an NFT of a car?

Yes, you can sell an nft of a car if you want one thing you will have to do is mint your own nft, and here you go you are ready to sell your own car nft.

Who is the owner of Hyper NFT?

Thomas Gavache is currently said to be the owner of Hyper NFT. He is a very ambitious professional who has deep hands in the crypto field.

How long can I hold Hyper NFT?

You can hold Hyper NFT as long as you want. If you hold the NFT then you will also avail several benefits too.

Is Hyper NFT scam or legit?

Hyper NFT is not a scam as because if we go through its fundamentals then we can see that it have done a lot of progress in a very short time and that is a simple sign of the project being legit.


If you are a true supercar lover then you should go for this amazing NFT which will not only act as a digital asset but also give you many benefits to hold it.

We have covered every aspect of Hyper NFT in this article. Still, if you have any queries or questions related to Hyper NFT then please let us know by commenting in the comment section.

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